About Najat Naba

PortraitNajat is a Brazilian born "Paulista" who grew up in between the mountains of Lebanon and the skyscrapers of New York. Her diverse background has helped shape her spirit for travel photography and to explore the world. As a founding member and leader of Photo Quest Adventures she has visited over 50 countries around the globe. Her gift for languages, she speak Arabic, Spanish and English fluently and a bit of Dutch and Portuguese, has enabled her to put people at ease, in doing so, she's able to capture honest and unique images.

Her work has appeared in NY Times Magazine, American Photo, Financial Times, Interior Design, Popular Photography, The Editor at Large, HGTC.com, Trail of Inspiration.com, mocoloco.com and Oprah.com 

"My photo travels continue to humble and teach me... After every trip, I come home feeling very grateful for the abundance of all I've been given; enforcing my dedication to "giving back" by supporting the local communities and charities in the countries I visit. Please visit "Giving Back" program on PQA site www.photoquestadventures.com/about_giving.php to help." Najat Naba